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Lacks statistical plotting functionality

This is a very worthwhile app that does ALMOST everything the TI 84 does. However, it lacks statistical plotting functionality (or the functionality is broken). For instance, it cannot produce an accurate histogram based on a list of data. If this is fixed, I’d give this app a 5 out of 5

Liked it at first

I liked it at first until it started giving me errors and calculating incorrectly. I compared my answers to another calculator and they were wrong. I was using the stat 1-var. Now I’m upset that I paid money for this.

One of my Top 5 apps

I really love this app and I buy this app for people who I know would use it all the time. The developer(s) deserve all the praise and business they can get. Thanks for making this.

Wrong calculations

Paid 5 dollars for the app, first problem I used it for was to take the sine of 45. Gives me the wrong answer every time. Waste of money.

Saved so much money


wow disappointed

so ur really telling me that i paid 5 dollars of my hard earned money on this and it doesnt even have a stemplot, trace, or zoom feature. honestly useless for ap statistics.. just get a real texas instruments graphing calculator even if its the cheaper one and skip this thing if youre actually trying to get work done.

Amazing app!!!

OMG This app is a blessing I don’t have to spend $100 for a TI-84 this is $5 and it does everything!!!!!

It does work very good, but...

In class I’m doing Average Rate of Change and when I click on the 2nd to last step to get my answer, the last step won’t pop up. It goes like this. I go to STAT, EDIT, enter my data in the columns, then click STAT again, go over to CALC, click choice 4, and then after choice four you’re supposed to have 5 different options, and the last one is supposed to be calculate, I can’t seem to find that and I feel like the answers I’m getting are wrong. Is this feature on the calculator? Am I just missing it?

It sucked

It doesn’t work one bit

No manual +

There is no manual. No = to write equation. No solve for variable options


En muy buena te ayuda en todo lo que sea de álgebra, geometría, trigonometría y mas.

Logs and multiplying exponents

The log is right but also not cause when you do log(value) there is supposed to be a slot after log and before the value (for example) log4(16) and also when you are SQUARE rooting negative numbers you are still getting a negative even though it’s supposed to be positive (for example) -6^2 is giving me -36 when I should be getting 36

Glad I bought it

I was skeptical at first, since I didn't want to waste 5 bucks on an app that didn't work right. However, this works just like a TI-84. I wish I could use it on tests, since it can do some functions my TI-83 can't. I prefer it over my actual calculator, and it's well worth the money.

Failed first use

The first thing I did was check Inverse tangent of 1 to validate the calculator... wrong. What is this good for?

Graphing calculator

The app is great cheaper then purchasing a real calculator!


This is by far the best calculator on the App Store. Worth the price, and I love how the buttons are positioned identically to those that we have used very often. *cough cough* T.I. I would only suggest that, if possible, they increase the vibration sensitivity since I don’t really feel the vibration when I’m typing against he table. Great app 👍🏼

Best of its kind

I’ve been a TI Calc fan back to the SR-50 of the mid 70’s, and this mostly faithful rendering (with tons of enhancements) of the TI 84 is the top one on IOS. Works smoothly, and the developer releases frequent updates. Hope the graphical plotting functions get a bit more attention, but overall I would recommend this highly to anyone.

Feature missing

We need solve (( infinite )) integral feature in this app only (( finite )) integral solve

Great App!

It functions just like a graphing calculator and it is super convenient since it is on my phone. I’m being kind with giving 5 stars but I’d put 4.9 stars if I could because this app doesn’t have the ability to add/subtract/multiply/divide lists within the edit tab. Otherwise this is a great app!

Graphing Calculator Plus Review

Just like a TI-84 Plus CE!

Pretty good

Graph is confusing and hard to navigate


Yes, the app is very useful and convenient. Except for the fact that sometimes when you use specific functions etc, there would be bugs in which the answer would be invalid or incorrect. If that bug is fixed, this app would definitely be five star worthy.

Excellent scientific calculator

Fabulous price and capabilities. Very exciting for adult novices!


This is a good app! Although, I get really dizzy when zooming in on the graph. But still an effective calculator; totally recommend it!

Confusing and lack luster

This thing is capable but at all user friendly. This app needs better UI and navigation. It's quite the shame

Just like the real Ti-84!

This app has the exact same functions as the real TI-83 TI-84. My only piece of criticism is that the graphing functions could be better and more resemblance to the TI-84

This app

I like this app! In algebra class, my teacher, Mr. Shoemaker, explained about it, and I got my mom to buy it on my iPad and this iPhone!

It’s actually a calculator

So I saw a lot of fake apps that say it’s a calculator but it’s not. I read through all the reviews and this one seemed to be good. I left my calculator at school so I got this for hw. Not bad. Too bad it ain’t free

I’m Very Satisfied

Absolutely amazing. I was freaking out because I don’t have a TI graphing calculator but then I found this, and only for $5! It works just like a TI-84. I was very familiar with everything on it. Very thankful for this. Worth the $5.


this app is pretty dank me gusta


This app is great except it needs the zoom key to help with graphing especially zoom fit

Awesome App

This is by far my favorite calculator app. It functions exactly like the TI-84! My only piece of feedback. I wish the haptic buttons would work on depress as well as release. Or perhaps on press instead of release. But, it’s not worth taking a star away.


I started a stats class in college and graphing calculator Is required, I was so downed because the ti-84 was very expensive and I couldn’t afford it at the time, then I found this app.. Simply the best!


Solve function doesn’t work as I thought. That was the main reason I bought this. I’m used to the TI-89 which I didn’t know the function “solve(“ is much more advanced on. It can actually solve an equation for a variable. Not just plug in number to an equation.

We need the equation solver app

Great app and the new chemistry app is fine but you are ignoring the most important one on TI-84 calculators. Please make the polynomial/simultaneous equations app available in the near future. Other than that a great app!


I only got this app because I needed to use the list function Unfortunately, the only function I needed, wasn’t available in the app (L2 = L1 - 3) something like that Very disappointed considering I just spent money on this app

How To Graph Box Plot?

I went to “Stat Plot” but there no option to graph a Plot Box?

Sharing option on graph crashes

I am trying to share a graph and the app keeps crashing. On iPad Pro 9.7 with iOS 11.2.5


Great app and very user friendly. I didn’t want to have to spend $100+ on a TI-84 calculator and this $5 app is perfect for my College Algebra class - and it has saved me at least $95!!! I’m very satisfied with it!


Perfect for my 7th grade math class.

This app works exactly as Ti-84 plus CE.

I am looking for this app for years. Now the search is over. This app worth every single penny and now I don’t have to put the big graphing calculator in my pocket or backpack anymore. Currently, I am using this app for Calculus III and other math classes and it works great. I am double check results between this app and my Ti-84 plus CE and so far everything are the same. I hope developers put an option to let the DEL button works like the delete or backspace buttons on Mac/pc keyboards. Add more skins, APPS.


Let’s me calculate bofa so easily!!!

Please Fix

The calculator cannot properly do reduced row echelon form for matrices nor can entries within the matrix be transformed into a fraction.


This App does all the calculations I need

Saved me a lot of money

Great especially since professors let me use it in class

The best

Best calculator ever


Good Calc. Reminds me a lot of TI-84.


Best calculator


This app is an exact copy of the Ti-84. This app is worth the money because I would not want to buy a $150+ calculator when there is an app for it. It really helps when I need a graphing calculator for my math homework so I don’t have to use the school’s calculator and risk being fined for small damages. If only my teacher allowed me to use this app in class.

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