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Works as a calculator

This app works as a calculator. A skin that looks like the real calculator would be a nice option. Also, stop bugging me about a review!!! It’s an annoying pop up when I’m in the middle of a lesson. Especially since I’ve paid for the app.

Revolutionized My Productivity.

Can’t even begin to share the happiness that this app has brought me. The only thing i ask is that the app icon be updated to something super sleek or something. THANK YOU!!!!

Great, no delete button 😭

Great app, not worth the $$. Could be cheaper. Graph looks great, but it’s impossible to navigate.

Best Calculator

Awesome! Best calculator ever

Great Calculator

I love it! It is just like using my Ti-84, but all I would do is add some more skins; kind of like how the Ti-84 Plus CEs have several different color options, maybe add some of those (or similar ones) here? Just a tiny thing, without that, it’s definitely still worth the 5 stars!


Very helpful and accurate

Por que es importante esta calculadora ?

Porque nos permite efectuar y desarrollar operaciones matemáticas, más fácilmente apegándose a los requerimientos de las ciencias en forma más apropiada.

Only Good TI-84 Replacement App

This app has replaced the need for a physical TI-84 that costs a lot more. Although the button locations are somewhat different from the actually TI-84, all of the functions (as far as I can tell) are there.

Excellent Calculator!

I would suggest only one thing, I would change the delete button so it works more like how it is on the actual calculator.

Great App!

I have been wanting this app for over 4 years now. So convenient!

Perfect emulation

I’m very impressed by the attention to detail in this app. If you are looking for a TI-84 emulation - this is it! I contacted the developers with some questions and I promptly received competent answers. I’m looking forward to new features in the near future although it’s already pretty complete.

Binomial incorrect answers

The calculator was working fine until I wanted the correct answer for binomial work ( pdf & Cdf) Then I was getting the wrong answers. Needed help and am looking forward to hearing from the developer hopefully soon! Will be downloading another app to help ASAP. Then since I was rating this app 1 Star, it wouldn’t let me post it

Great back up calculator!!

Bought this app because a row of buttons on my Ti84 calculator stop working, so i got this to pick up the slack and it's absolutely amazing.

The best calculator!!!

This is actually what I need. It does everything. From equation solving to graphing and even units conversion. I also strongly recommend this app for general calculations with history section. Plus, the statistics features is very useful in case you want the sum things up to find mean or total. Last, this definitely a must have calculator if you’re a student or engineer. BIG thanks to developers!!!

It’s a great calculator,...but

For some reason whenever I put points in on the list function, correct the window, and finally press graph, IT DOESNT GRAPH

Looking all over this.

Finally! A proper calculator for iPhone.


This is very helpful have totally recommend it for any math class

Great but needs 1 more feature

This is most likely the best calculator on iOS. But it needs the ability to paste into the app. Add that, tell me about it and you get 5 stars.

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